Wednesday, June 15, 2005


I migrated to Thunderbird email client today!

The verdict is that I did not feel appealing or awesome immediately. The reason I guess is that from where I got migrated.

I was using NS Communicator 7.02 previously and almost all the features that were present in NS is available in Thuderbird. So I guess I could not appreciate the excellence of Thuderbird immediately. Hoping that in the long run, Thunderbird would be my prefered email client.

The compelling reasons for the switch from NS is
  • Close association of Thunderbird to Firefox
  • Large memory footprint of NS (annoying)
  • Email composer is not that keyboard friendly
  • Email Composer lacks complete support for table (advanced options) and other complex formatting
I wonder there wasn't any migration support in Thunderbird for NS users. I did manually copied the local folders and mails to get it working. Yet to import my address book. Seems there is no straight forward way to do all these! Firefox wins hands down in all these nitty-gritties.

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