Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Gmail Notifier

All of a sudden, Gmail Notifier (ver 0.4.2) extension for firefox stopped working for me. It is a handy extension that enables me to remain logged in at gmail all through the day. It alerts you when there is a new message in your inbox. That way I save a tab in firefox.

Any clues how to get it back to work. The error message shown is "Failed to log in. Pls verify the username and passwd". But I am able to login to gmail using the gmail webpage.

There is a workaround available. Gmail has changed its address from gmail.google.com to mail.google.com.
Check the extension webpage here.


rajagopalan said...

Gmail must have changed their protocol messages ... ;-) Wait for the next version of gmail notifier

Rajakumar said...

If you come across an updated version, lemme know.