Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Is blogging definitely male?

I got this weird thought while driving to office today. Firstly I am not a MC and this statement is not a fall out of such an attitude. I feel that there is a strong logical reasoning behind this thought. I have been following/reading blogs for a while now. I have been syndicated to 35 feeds in my bloglines (Pretty low, I knew people who are subscribed to over 1000 feeds). And there are no females in the subscribtion list. I haven't heard any girl blogging in my class or in my acquaintances. And so is the doubt.

I have seen some random blogs of females while I hang around the internet searching for good blogs. There are lot of people who blog (stats says that 20000 new blogs are added per day) on various topics and interests. I am yet to see stats on blog propotion based on sex.

Some people blog on official stuff, some their personal stuff, some their hobbies, some do a mix of all these (like me :-) ). While following the blogs you tend to get a feel of the character of the person. Since blogs are mostly non-commerical and pursued in self-interest, the information posted tends to be authentic. Bloggers remain honest to themselves on the facts that they publish.

Thus I had a chance of observing quiet a few people over the blogs and tend to get a feel of their character. But as I said, I have no female bloggers in my list. Wanted to know whether the same rules apply to them. All this just out of curiousity.

Let me know if some girl around does blogging. I would like to get subscribed.


Govar said...

Actually Kiran ( posted abt this male dominated phenomenon. She was surprised by this. Take a look.

btw, I know some b-school blogger girls... listed in my blogroll. But its far and few.

coolkrishnan said...

so, u ve started character analysis of bloggers ? Lucky jobless soul :)