Monday, November 28, 2005

First hand experience with Nokia 770

We had a non-boring weekend with a new gadget at our disposal. Nokia 770 Tablet PC gave us a good company. Usual lull weekends was replaced by active testing of Nokia 770. I am pretty spell-bound at looks of this pretty tablet PC.

The first thing that stuck me is that the tablet PC runs on a customized ported version of Linux. Pretty inspiring to get a feel of that. Second best is the highly usable UI in that platform. Hooking the tablet to internet using the Wi-fi is a breeze. With the stylus as the input medium you have choices of using a Virtual Keyboard or hand-written recognition as the input medium. You get the input medium popped up when you get the focus to a text-box where data can be entered. The hand-written recognition was pretty sturdy and handled the scribblings well.

The tablet PC comes pre-installed with highly used standard set of applications like PDF reader, Browser, Notes, Calc, Audio/Video player, Games (Chess, Majo, etc), Email and IM. One could also install applications of their own choice. Additional memory slot is available.

All together it is a handy gadget for frequent travelers.

A review of Nokia 770 from The Register, UK.

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