Monday, November 21, 2005


One night @ Call Center is the novel that I read over the last week. It is by Chetan Bhagat, his second novel after the bestseller Fivepoint Someone novel. It is good to see an Indian writer writing novels targeting Indian readers and printed & published by an Indian publishing house (Ruppa & Co). The reason that I say that the novel targets Indian readers is because the story line is much more what you see around you.

In terms of my personal review, I feel that ON@CC has not made that good impact on me as Fivepoint Someone did. I think the following are the reasons
1. The author picks the same personal narrative style used in his previous novel. He tells the story through the character.
2. The qualities of the hero is as same as the one in Fivepoint Someone. An average guy who lacks self-confidence.
3. The hero-in fills the same quarters of the story as characterized in the previous novel. The hero and hero-in goes for dates and have physical relationships.
4. Finally the hero recognizes his potential gains confidence.

At the outset the storyline feels one and the same.
The usage of simple and less complicated words makes much sense for the Indian public as the majority are not that well articulated. The less confusing plot also adds up the point.

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