Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Logistical failure of movie halls in Erode

Last weekend I along with my parents and brother went for a movie (Ghajini, the latest release in Tamil staring Surya and Asin) in Erode. It is very rare that we go out for a movie. One reason being that my parents are not movie buffs (they like to peacefully relax at home munching snacks in the evening).

So the evening unfolded as myself and my brother went ahead to book tickets for the movie. The movie hall doesn't have a booking. Second major logistical failure is that the tickets doesn't have seat number. So after getting the ticket you have rush to the hall to secure your seats. Pathetic :-). This rule is same for all class of tickets right from second, first class and even for Balcony.

One good thing is that TamilNadu government has banned smoking and spitting in movie halls. So the canteen no more sell Cigarettes, Paans and Gutkas. Way to go!

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