Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Air pollution check

The Hindu (30-Nov-2005) reported that in Bangalore "Care for Air" campaign has been launched. The report highlights that autos running on adulterated fuel causes major concern.

" Autorickshaws running on adulterated fuel are causing concern. Diesel and petrol are mixed with kerosene and used engine oils."

I would like to suggest an active feedback mechanism to check the air pollution caused by autos. Connect the auto exhaust to the driver. Autos has exhaust openings in the back. Extend that exhaust pipe and put it in front of the drivers face. This is the active feedback mechanism that I have devised.

I got this idea from software management process where active feedback about the process is considered as important. Similarly the auto drivers needs to know how much they pollute the air. Let them enjoy the nonsense they create. What say!

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