Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Bangalore Traffic

I was not used to bangalore traffic until recently. My office use to reside pretty close (2-3 kms) to my residence and I do not cross major roads or traffic signals. When people complained about traffic snarls and crumbling infrastructure, it made very little sense to me. Though I understand their concerns, it wasn't pain in the butt for me.

Now I need to do a long (8-9 kms) daily commute to the office. And I go through Koramangala inner ring road, Domlur junction and Airport Road. All these roads are pretty congested during the peak hours and now I really feel the pain in the butt. On an average with average traffic the commute takes about 25 mins. The same commute during peak hours jumps twice that is, takes 50 - 60 mins.

I do see a lot many ways to improve the traffic congestion.
1. Sync-up the traffic signals
2. Place bus-stops at less congested places (Only in bangalore I have seen bus-stops immediately after a turn which adds up to the traffic woes)
3. Put proper medians along the road
4. Construct Fly-overs for congested junctions

The incessant rains has done enough damage to road surfaces. Take a look of the potholes that has been left in the city roads from bangalorepothole site.

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